Tax Problems

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What You Need to Know if You Have Tax Problems

You’ve got issues with the IRS – it could be back taxes, a tax lien or levy that you want removed, wage garnishment, maybe even the dreaded FBAR penalty. And you need help.

The good news is, almost every tax problem can be solved. However: It’s a good idea to leave the most serious of IRS tax problems to an experienced professional.

Often, people will commence their search for tax professionals based on a referral. This is a good starting point – but most often, referrals are to accountants and Certified Public Accountants. And, unfortunately, the common accountant or CPA is not specifically trained in the mitigation of, or a finding a solution to, today’s complex tax problems.

Where to Turn for Assistance. If you wish to locate a dedicated, reputable firm that possesses the necessary knowledge and experience capable of transforming a problem into a positive outcome, we strongly suggest you launch your search for Enrolled Agents, CPAs or dedicated Tax Attorneys that specialize in tax relief. You can begin this search online by using keywords such as tax relief, tax resolution or tax settlement.

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Who Should You Hire — an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Tax Attorney? Enrolled Agents are an excellent choice when endeavoring to resolve today’s tax troubles because — unlike CPAs and attorneys of general practices — Enrolled Agents must specialize in taxation. (It’s a requirement of their license.) Moreover, Enrolled Agents are fully accredited by the federal government; they must pass rigorous background checks; and they are also required to take continuing education courses to retain their license as an EA and keep up-to-date on the ever-changing tax code changes.

Tax Attorneys can also be excellent choice for quality assistance– if they specialize in tax problem mitigation and if you, as a client, have committed tax fraud or other tax crimes that are subject to criminal penalties. A tax lawyer normally doesn’t come cheap, however. Typically, tax lawyers charge by the billable hour, unlike the flat fees an Enrolled Agent will charge. Also, a tax lawyer is also likely to assess additional specialty fees that can quickly add up, so ultimately an attorney’s service can be very expensive and substantially more pricey than other options.

CPAs, in general, do not necessarily specialize in tax settlement. This that do can be of service so long as they maintain lengthy experience and maintain a positive track record of results.

Different Types of Tax Problems. It is essential to know that all each tax issue cannot, and should not, be approached or resolved in the same way.

For example: To layman, the difference between an IRS tax lien and a levy may not be apparent or significant. If you fail to pay taxes, the IRS can secure a tax lien that gives the government a claim to real or personal property; if you try and sell property that has a tax lien against it, the tax lien will be paid before anything else, such as the first mortgage on a home. A levy, on the other hand, deals with the literal seizure of property.

There is no “magic bullet” or secret formula, no one-size-fits-all cure. The IRS tax code is complex, can be confusing, and a firm that promotes a quick or easy should trigger a red flag in the mind of a consumer. It takes years of professional experience and thorough, contemporary knowledge of tax codes to begin to understand how to fix a payroll tax problems, how to prepare an offer in compromise, how to help taxpayers with a FBAR penalty violation, or provide trustworthy assistance in resolving years of unfiled or unpaid back taxes.

Often, people in distress will contact a CPA or attorney first for help … but usually an Enrolled Agent will be able to best provide specific and current experience in negotiating taxes instead of calling just any CPA or attorney. also provides free consultations to help you go forward.

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