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IRS Tax Relief

IRSTaxReliefNow.Org maintains 30 years of experience solving our clients' tax problems and we are proud to say that we maintain zero complaints throughout our history of serving our clientele. If you need help with tax liabilities, penalties, liens, levies or wage garnishments it's important to work with a reputable firm that will fully describe how your tax problem will be solved before you become a client.

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  • IRS Back Taxes
    Have you been contacted by the IRS about foreign bank accounts and tax liabilities you may owe? If so, read more about how we can mitigate the amounts you may owe or how we can eliminate FBAR Penalties entirely.

  • Remove Tax Liens
    If you have a tax lien or a tax levy, we can help you remove them quickly. If you believe the IRS will take action soon, contact us for more information about how we will help you avoid these IRS actions immediately.

  • IRS Tax Penalties
    Tax penalties come in all shapes and sizes. A penalty could be a fine, seizure of personal property and even jail time. The longer the balance stands, the more the penalty grows. Tax Relief is your first line of defense to avoid IRS penalties

  • IRS Wage Garnishments
    IRS wage garnishments are serious penalties imposed by the IRS that inform people in your company's HR department of your tax problems. Let us help you remove or avoid the embarrassment of garnishments.

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Filing an Amended Tax Return

If you have to file an amended tax return, chances are good that the tax professional you hired made a mistake. Hiring an experienced and reputable tax professional is very important in ensuring you are not in a position to have to file an amended tax return. An amended tax return is the refilling of a tax return that was filed inaccurately the first time. From the specific forms to

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“It’s Hammertime!” Says the IRS

What do you think of when you hear MC Hammer? Rapper? Dancer? Parachute Pants Wearer? In his hey day (late 80’s to early 90’s), he was seen as innovative and was well respected in the world of rap music. In his lifetime, he has sold over 50 million records and through rapping, dancing, acting and entrepreneurship, has earned whopping amounts of cash. With that kind of financial action

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Tom Hanks lives in Los Angeles but has a more-than-humble abode in New York. For tax purposes, Hanks is only allowed to spend a limited number of days in his New York digs. With that limit looming and a quarter of the year left, Hanks found himself having to leave his Captain Phillips premiere early so as to not spend a precious extra day in New York.

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IRS Tax Relief

With over 30 years experience and an A+ Better Business Rating we have what you need to get the job done solving your tax problem.

Remove Tax Liens

When suffering from tax problems tax liens can really put a problem on your life, we can help. In some cases we can remove tax liens in as little as 24 hours. Remove Tax Liens

Back Tax Debt Relief

So you've established that it's time to address your tax debt. You've decided that your best bet is hiring an Enrolled Agent over a tax attorney. So far, so good. But what exactly are your options for IRS tax debt relief? Back Tax Debt Relief

Penalty Abatement

As if the stress of having back taxes isn't enough, we are faced with the extra burden of penalties and interest on taxes that haven't been properly paid. Penalty Abatement


  • "Thank you so much for your help. I have been putting off my back taxes for so long because I was didn't know how to handle them. I finally called your office and just one conversation with one of your tax advisors made me feel so much better about being able to get out from under my tax debt. I'm so appreciative for your professionalism and understanding of my situation and would recommend you to anyone that needs help getting started with their tax resolution."

    Anita W., Portland OR

  • "I was in tears when my Human Resources Manager had to bring me into her office to tell me that the IRS sent a notice of wage garnishment. I didn't even know I owed back taxes! But I did and later realized the IRS notices were going to my old address. I was embarrassed and honestly, very concerned about how I was going to live on a smaller paycheck. I called your company and spoke with your tax advisor who listened to me while I explained the details of what happened and then gave me my options. By the time I hung up, I was confident that not only would my wage garnishment get stopped but I had someone on my side to help me handle the issue to completion. Thank you so much for understanding the urgency of my situation and acting fast."

    Emma F., Brighton, CO

  • "I just wanted to write to thank you for your help filing all of my taxes. I hadn't filed in years. I was in the hospital in April of 2008 recovering from a car accident. I forgot all about filing my taxes. When I got home, I had months of physical therapy to get through and while still struggling with recovery, another year of not filing my taxes went by. I was fully recovered by the tax deadline in 2010 but I didn't know what to do since I hadn't filed for the last two years and so I just ignored the tax deadline. This went on every year until I finally started getting nervous about the actions the IRS could take against me at any time so I called your offices. I'm really glad I did because it wasn't long before all of my taxes were filed and I was on a reasonable payment plan for my back taxes. You were even able to remove some of my penalties! Why didn't I call you sooner?! I'm so glad I came across your company and look forward to the opportunity to recommend you to other people in my situation."

    Dan H., DeKalb, IL

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